Butterfly Effect – Castle Rock – Feb 13th – 6:45AM

The Political Animal

The future of America depends on what Christians do—or don’t do.

We’re a nation on the brink. So much is at stake and Christians could change everything by getting involved. But they’re nowhere to be found.

Only 25% of evangelicals vote. Even fewer take a stand on the critical issues of our day. If America falls it will be the fault of believers who knew the truth but refused to stand for it.

Where do you stand?  Do you have questions about Christians’ involvement in politics or what your role should be?

Join us as we explore these questions and more as we dig into a new series from Summit Ministries president, Dr. Jeff Myers, The Political Animal.  In this series Dr. Myers will Myers will dissect the myths Christians believe and shows how to engage politically—with integrity.

For the February Butterfly Effect meeting, we will cover the second part in this series – Four Myths About Politics


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