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Butterfly Effect – Castle Rock – Oct 17th – 6:45AM

In daily life and politics we see many leaders, some that are polished, some that are bold and hard hitting, and some that are servants.  Which kind of leader would you be?  What kind of leader has God shown us through the bible that we should be?

Come join us as two West Pointers, an Army Colonel and Captain, share with us the great information on leadership that they have found in the Bible and the lessons in leadership that they have learned over the years in their service to our great country.  Find out how you can apply this new information to the many roles that God has given you in your life.


Revive 1787 is about spiritual revival and historical revelation. Our purpose is simply to Edify, Empower & Engage. Educate our founding faith foundations, champion for Biblical freedom and encourage Godly action in our culture today. This is the essence of American Exceptionalism!

We are a faith roots organization who holds meetings and events focused on learning about the Judeo/Christian foundings of our country, the founding fathers, religious liberty, and current issues facing Christians.