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What were the Great Awakenings like that America experienced in
our past? Were there patterns to their arrival?

What were the circumstances like in America when they took place?
Are Circumstances similar today? Could one be coming soon again
in America? What would that mean for you and your family? What
does a Great Awakening look like? Can such an awakening change
the course of America and the world?









Dr. Marshall Foster President of the World History Institute, will
address these questions in Castle Rock on Friday, March 23rd. He
will be exploring the Christian history of God’s Awakenings and
sharing a historical and biblical worldview that, until recently has
been almost annihilated from the memories of all Americans. He will
document that the central theme of history is the Creator God
redeeming His world through awakened individuals. He believes that,
and documents that the stage is set for our Lord to bring a powerful,
transforming Awakening to America and the West.

Dr. Foster and his wife Trish have been in fulltime ministry for 5
decades. They were leaders in the Jesus movement, founded the
Campus Crusade for Christ movement at USC and founded the
World History Institute in 1976 to teach America’s Christian History
through books, seminars, T.V., radio and motion pictures. Marshall
has co-produced several films with Kirk Cameron. Their film
Monumental released in 2012 is the best-selling Christian history
film in history.

Dr. Foster leads historic educational tours of the East Coast as well
as the British Isles and Europe. He will be teaching hundreds of
pastors this fall on a special tour of Washington D.C.
There is no charge for this gathering. It is an extraordinary
opportunity to hear Marshall Foster with discussion and questions
to follow. He will be speaking the day before at Colorado Christian
University on the related subject of bringing awakening to American


Join us at 7PM on March 23rd at Grace Chapel, 935 Evalena Street, Castle Rock, CO 80108